NaNo2017 Week 3

11 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 18,333

Words Written: 18,001

Wrote 2,267 words. Finished chapter 6 and started chapter 7.

12 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 20,000

Words Written: 18,311

Wrote 310 words. Ended up being a lot busier than expected today.

13 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 21,667

Words Written: 19,334

Wrote 1,023 words. Finished chapter 7 and added a few scenes to a previous chapter. I planned on writing more, but had an absolutely terrible headache for most of the day and decided that sleep and recovery was more important.

14 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 23,333

Words Written: 20,008

Wrote 674 words. I hit 20k finally! I’m about to get to an exciting action-y sequence in my script, so hopefully that’ll give me a lot of words.

15 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 25,000

Words Written: 20,153

Wrote 145 words.

16 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 26,667

Words Written: 21,821

Wrote 1,668 words. Today was a fairly good writing day! I’m still three days behind, but I’m feeling much better about things.

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17 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 28,333

Words Written: 23,156

Wrote 1,335 words and finished chapter 8. I fully intended to write at least 2k, but was way too tired and had to go to bed because I couldn’t concentrate on anything.


This wasn’t a particularly good week. I only wrote 7,422 words when I should have written 13,333, so I’m more than 5k behind at the moment. I plan on using the weekend to get back on track. Hopefully, that’s what will happen. If it doesn’t, the NaNoWriMo website’s “Words to write per day to finish on time” feature is telling me I only have to write 2k per day, which isn’t that bad.

How is everyone else doing?


NaNo2017 Week 2

04 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 6,667

Words Written: 10,003

Wrote 4,881 words and finished chapter 3. It’s not quite 5k, but it’s close enough. Made a $10 donation and now I’ve got a spiffy halo on my avatar.

05 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 8,333

Words Written: 10,504

Wrote 501 words. Taking a bit of a break today to get some outlining and plotting done, since I wrote so much yesterday. I also decided on what direction chapter 4’s going to go in. There are some new characters and plot points to introduce, and this is a good enough point as any other.

06 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 10,000

Words Written: 10,790

Wrote 286 words. Totally wanted to get to 11,667, but things came up.

07 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 11,667

Words Written: 11,672

Wrote 882 words. Very close to being done with chapter 4, but I feel like I’m hitting the week two blues a bit early.

08 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 13,333

Words Written: 12,701

Wrote 1,029 words. I did finish chapter 4, and now that I’m back to my main characters, I’m feeling a bit better about things.

09 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 15,000

Words Written: 14,045

Wrote 1,344 words. I’m getting caught up, slowly.

10 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 16,667

Words Written: 15,734

Wrote 1,689. Finished chapter 5.


I’m a little under 1k behind, which isn’t too bad. A couple of 2k days will get me caught up. Plotwise, I’m right on track. It actually feels like I’m behind since I only have 5 chapters and 15.k words, and I usually have 2k words to a chapter. But I’ve never written a script for NaNo, either – just prose novels – so that may be part of the weirdness.

NaNo 2017 Week 1

01 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 1,667

Word Count: 1,703

I’m off to a pretty great start! However, I already have a bunch of characters that I’ll probably need to name later.

02 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 3,333

Word Count: 3,407

Wrote 1,704 words. I’m finally getting into the interesting bits of chapter 1.

03 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 5,000

Word Count: 5,122

Wrote 1,715 words. I’m finally finished with chapter 1! And I finally created names for the major characters I’d been using placeholders for previously.


I fully intended to have a detailed outline before I started writing. That didn’t happen. However, it hasn’t been a setback at all! I have enough random notes written down and enough plotted out in my head that writing has been going very well.

How is everyone else’s writing going?

NaNoWriMo & November Posting Schedule

First, an update on my NaNoWriMo project planning. I have a cover! I have a (WIP) title! I have a very rough outline, mostly in my head, but it’s an outline nonetheless! I’m very ready to start writing…tomorrow, when I get home from work. I don’t want to stay up to midnight, mostly because I have to get up at 6:00 and I don’t want to be tired all day.

One thing I’m doing this year (that I also did last year) is making a cloud backup every single day. At the end of each day, I’m uploading my manuscript to Google Drive as a separate file – so I’ll have manuscript_day1.doc, manuscript_day2.doc, manuscript_day3.doc – so on and so forth. That way, I’ll be able to check what I wrote each day, and I (probably) won’t have problems overriding files and losing work.

The currently empty folder in Google Drive.

And now about the post schedule: every Saturday, I’m going to make a post summing up the previous week’s writing. I did the same thing in 2016, 2015, andย 2012, and I’m going to be following 2016’s format.

So good luck with writing, everyone!

It’s NaNo Prep Month!

The first week of October has passed, and I’ve already thrown myself into prepping for NaNoWriMo. I wasn’t even sure I was going to do NaNoWriMo, and then when I made that decision, it was for a completely different idea – I was going to rewrite 2015’s novel, Samael.

But I started to doubt that immediately, since I was having serious troubles ironing out the plot and making things make sense. It needed more thought than I’d be able to come up with in time to start writing. And I’m not particularly good at pantsing when I don’t know the ending of my story.

Seriously, if I try to write something where I don’t know the ending, it does not end well. I need to know the beginning and the end, or else I probably won’t be able to finish the novel at all.

So now I’m working on plotting out a story I originally came up with in mid-2014. It’s a lot more straightforward than Samael, and what’s most important, I think, is that I’m having fun just plotting it. Actual fun! I’m enjoying what I do!

I don’t have a title or a cover yet, but I do have a synopsis up on the NaNo website.

One other thing I’m doing this month for NaNo prep is Inktober, which I’m using as part of NaNo prep to draw my characters. I’m posting them on my art blog, but I’ll probably make a compilation post here at the end of the month as well.

My next blog post is going to go up at the end of the month and will detail my November posting schedule. Until then!

Mid-August Update

Hello! How long as it been since my last blog post?

Four months? Oh geez. I totally didn’t intend for that to happen.

I’ve been quite busy these past few months, mostly with scripting and drawing The Gate at the End of the World. I’m a little past halfway through writing the script, and I just finished drawing the 50th page yesterday.

Fifty pages! I drew 40 of those this year, and my original goal was to draw 50 during 2017. Drawing those last 10 pages to reach my goal will only take me until the end of October. Anything after that will be surpassing my original goal.

This is especially awesome since I thought I’d get sick of drawing comics and quit just a few months in. I’ve had a hard time committing to and finishing stories for the past few years.

So since my last update post about The Gate, some things have changed. I’ve changed my posting schedule to one day per week (Tuesday) because:

  1. I’m working five days a week now
  2. My hands and arms were constantly in pain, and I didn’t want to develop tendinitis or worsen my existing carpal tunnel
  3. My buffer ran out

This means it’ll take twice as long to finish drawing the comic, but I’m feeling much better, mentally and physically. Perhaps when I’m in a better situation I can go back to two pages per week, but I don’t see that happening for a while.

So that’s where I am with what I’m currently working on. What about everyone else? How are your projects going?

Camp NaNoWriMo

Happy April, folks!

I decided like a week ago that I was going to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo in April. I seriously didn’t even know it was coming up, but then I got an email or something and thought, “That could be a good idea!”

So I decided to continue working on the script of The Gate at the End of the World, in the hopes that I might finish it. That seemed like a good idea at the time. But now I’m working three days a week and taking a class on the other two, so now I have a lot less time than I thought I would.

So, I’m going to attempt Camp NaNoWriMo, even though it’s the last thing on my priority list. Even if I don’t reach my goal (20,000 words), I ought to get a good amount of the script completed.

Is anyone else doing Camp NaNo? If so, what’s your project?